Investment Approach


Headhouse applies a singularly focused approach to investment in order to ensure that desirable returns can be achieved without incorporating unnecessary risk. Headhouse starts from a base of conservatism in rigorously examining its underlying assumptions and potential outcome spectrum, and carries that detail-oriented approach through in order to maximize the probability weighted investment return expectations.


The Headhouse team brings an earnest focus and diligence to its investments, with a hands-on approach which treats the full investment as their own. The founders are committed to direct participation and oversight each step of the way, with a continuity of ownership over the process which enables utilization of the knowledge base and relationships built throughout, accruing to the benefit of the investors.


Headhouse selects and executes upon investments with a focus on maximizing the potential of each property’s attributes, whether through repositioning and strategic capital improvements, active leasing and asset utilization expansion, or selective development and redevelopment. Headhouse intends to apply its experience in identifying opportunities to add value and executing on those value-add initiatives in order to maximize expected returns.


While the target property type is important, people are fundamental to executing Headhouse’s overall strategy. Headhouse believes that relationship networks afford the best opportunity to apply a local presence and advantaged knowledge of markets and opportunities, and that effective execution is predicated on building and maintaining relationships in order to pair consistency with success.


Headhouse brings a powerful alignment of interests to bear through the combination of the sizeable commitment of its founders, the structural incentives by which its funds are built, and the concentrated responsibility by which it operates, yielding a construct by which the success of the team are directly correlated to that of its investors.


Headhouse takes a long-term view in its investment approach, consistently operating with integrity and a goal of developing lasting partnerships underpinned by trust and credibility. Transparency, honesty and character are core to our execution approach, focused on investments you can be proud of.