Core Principles


Headhouse is focused on properties with key locations, appealing amenities and other desirable characteristics which drive sustainable excess demand in order to garner premium rents in strong times as well as offer a level of downside protection.


Headhouse targets properties with strong long-term fundamentals, including robust market economics, established sources of tenants, constraints on new supply, and the ability to generate strong and steady cash flows in order to de-risk operations and reinforce valuations.


Headhouse focuses on opportunities whereby the team’s diligence and expertise enable capitalization on an embedded discount to achieve outsized value creation. Market inefficiencies can include underutilization, zoning challenges or particularities around the property or its ownership group, but also include the creativity employed in transaction sourcing and/or structuring.


Maximizing risk-adjusted returns necessitates prudent but efficient management of the capital structure in order to best optimize the use of funds. Headhouse selects opportunities with a keen focus on capital structures which enable efficient value creation, employing creativity while remaining mindful of ultimate risk exposure.


Targeted capital improvements are critical to transforming a challenged asset’s tenant desirability, operating efficiency and overall market positioning. Headhouse is focused upon the near-term realization of value inherent in these capital improvements, both via enhanced cash flows and accretion in asset values.


Headhouse’s investments benefit from a continued optimization which extends beyond the initial repositioning in order to maximize operating efficiency and minimize volatility. Committed asset management including preventative maintenance and diligent attention to stabilized profitability are core to achieving durable growth.